Saturday, 16 June 2018

Text Review Roundup: "Marks for Effort"

Time to get TRR off the ground again. This episode had a mixed reception, with some reviewers loving it but others being distinctly unimpressed – and indeed, we're starting the list with one of the latter. Unfortunately, Dark Qiviut hasn't uploaded a review of episode 12 (or 13, for that matter), so has had to be left out.

Cuddlepug – negative (graded D+; "I would advise other prospective students look [...s]omewhere less corrupt, with teachers who don't hand out degrees to their little sisters. ")

Derpy News – very positive (graded A; "[Starlight] quickly became the funniest and best part of this episode.")

JDPrime22 – fairly positive (rated 7/10; "pretty fun episode")

Louder Yay – positive (3/5; "Lots of nice dialogue and humour [but] Twilight didn't behave very well")

Mega Sean 45 – no review up yet. Comments suggest one may be coming eventually, but I'm already late with this TRR! Placeholder left here as I know they've written an E13 review.

MLEEP Reviews – positive (8.5/10; "while it does have a few flaws here and there, the effort that was put into 'Marks For Effort' really does show")

The Railfan Brony – mixed (rated Okay; "a thin plot and predictable outcome")

Rainbine – very negative ("3/10; "Before we got to the Starlight scene, the episode felt slow, dull, and boring [...] This was a Very Bad Episode.")

ShutterflyEQD – very positive ("this episode was very enjoyable the whole way through!")

TheDragonWarlock – mixed (graded C+; "just doesn't have anything really special")


  1. Dark Qiviut here!

    No review planned for Marks for Effort, but The Mean 6 will get one. :)

    1. Thanks for the heads-up! I'll try to remember to include you, so please pester me if I forget. :)

    2. Well, if it's done in time, at any rate. I know I miss out some people by doing TRR quickly, but it's what my readers tend to prefer. Either way, you'll stay on my list of "reviewers to check" for S8 part two. :)

    3. I don't know when it'll be done, but it's on its way, and I posted a preview in my MLPF status last night:

      Currently, I'm aiming for Thursday or Friday as the publishing date, but it may be sooner.

      In the meantime, I don't post my overall grade for each episode in my reviews, but I have two blogs that do. Each grade is subject to change.

      Grades for every piece of FIM media I looked at:

      My episodic order from best to worst (S8 eps in bold underline):


    4. When my schedule hasn't been messed up by holidays, I usually post TRR on the Thursday after the episode, since it gets confusing if I'm posting stuff about episode X after episode X+1 has already gone out. This week, it'll probably be Friday, as I need to get my own review of E13 up first and that's pencilled in for Thursday.


      Thanks for those! I always enjoy those things. Which reminds me: I need to get the UK of Equestria voting summary up here at some point, too. Maybe at the weekend. :)

      We don't seem to have that many differences in our opinions. I'd happily rewatch all the episodes you rate A+ or A, even if I wouldn't rank some of them quite so high myself. A few more differences at the other end of the scale, including the base-breaker of recent years, "Fame and Misfortune", but still not a huge number.

      I think I'm probably a little less inclined to give out either really high marks or really low marks than you are -- I've never given an episode one star (though "What About Discord?" came close) and I usually only give a couple of five-star ratings per season.