Tuesday, 29 May 2018

A few temporary changes (and one permanent one)

I'm going on holiday for a week this Saturday, and I'll be in some fairly remote parts of Scotland with little or no reliable internet access – so there'll be a few changes to the usual routine on Louder Yay. These temporary changes first:

Episode reviews for E12 and E13 will be considerably delayed, since I doubt I'll even see the eps until the week after next. Thank Celestia for the mid-season hiatus!

Text Review Roundup will therefore also be delayed, though the one for E11 will go up on Thursday as normal.

Ponyfic Roundup this week will be delayed until Friday or Saturday, to reduce the gap resulting from the fact that there will be no PR at all next week.

As for the permanent change: you can no longer comment on this blog using OpenID. This is not my decision – support for the facility has been withdrawn by Google. All previous OpenID comments will get anonymised – again, this is Google's doing, not mine. Your choice is now limited to Google ID, Name/URL or Anonymous.


  1. Since you're going in vacation, before you go, I Will give you an advice For when you'll Watch The Mean 6: DON'T Watch it expecting a finale-like episode, but only a Simple Fun episode. Believe me, you're going to enjoy it better in this way. It's currently My second favorite of the season (after Horse Play). Admittedly My deep hate For TWABA might have helped me to enjoy it better than I expected (that and the fact that the episode has a direction that I enjoy in animation but this is a matter of tastes), but still...

    That is all Logan. Happy holydays!

    1. You know, you don't have to remind me every second week how much you dislike the S6 finale. :P But actually, one good thing about my holiday may be that I miss out on the week of hype before it, so I should go in with moderate expectations.

      Anyway, thanks! :)

  2. I can get my Google ID to work on my phone, but for some reason it refuses to log-in properly while I'm on my desktop. So I've unwittingly left a couple of anonymous comments in recent times.

    Good hols!

    1. I'd guessed as much, since I thought I recognised your writing style in a couple of them. No big deal, of course. :)

      Thanks! :)