Friday, 14 July 2017

Pony Music Library 44: "Shy Heart"

What? "Shy Heart"

Who? Ponyphonic (full credits at end of post)

Which? Original song

When? November 2016

Why? Because it's one of the most wonderful Fluttershy tracks I've had the pleasure of hearing – and I've heard a lot! It's no surprise that a Ponyphonic song would be excellent, but this one got to me emotionally in a way very few Fluttersongs can do. The singer (Ponyphonic's sister!) has a lovely voice that suits the character perfectly, and she gives the piece a fragile beauty without taking things over the top. The other parts match the vocals excellently, too; for all I'm impressed by what can be done with computers these days, there's no substitute for real instruments. I could easily imagine this on a film soundtrack. I went to the YouTube video of this to check I was linking to the right one – and I ended up listening to the whole song. That says it all. This is Fluttershy, and I can give a song no higher praise.

Full credits
Vocals: Christina Ellis
Guitar: Don Larson
Violins: Brittany Davidson and Emilio Vazquez
Viola: Seth Willey
Cello: Gillian Kuroiwa
String Recording: Mark Lanus
Writing/Arrangement: Dane Larson


  1. Despite not being much of a Fluttershy fan, I adore this song – probably my favourite of Ponyphonic's, which is saying a lot giving their output.

    1. It might well be mine, too, just pipping "The Moon Rises" to the title. Okay, in my case I am a big Fluttershy fan (I know, shocking isn't it?) so that might be what gets it over the line – but it's still one of those few songs that I heard once and immediately knew I loved. 4everfreebrony's "Smell the Roses" was probably the most recent one to do that to me; it's not very common.