Tuesday, 25 July 2017

And even more custard news!

Sheet music for "Custard Song"
Has MuseScore ever been used to less useful effect?
I'd say I was sorry, but it wouldn't really be true. :D


  1. I did see this on Twitter last night, but couldn't comment on there obviously.

    If you made this completely from scratch, it's rather impressive! You certainly seem more musically capable then you've claimed in the past.

    I wish I could actually sight-read music enough to work out how the tune is meant to sound. I haven't read music in about 6 years.

    1. Well, I thought up the notes and the word myself, yes. MuseScore 2 took care of the visuals, useful program that it is.

      I'm actually not too bad when it comes to working out a melody and lyrics, and if those were the only required skills I might be a middling pony music maker. However my singing is awful and my production skills non-existent, which is where it all falls down. :P

      I can't upload sound files here, but I may be able to work something out elsewhere later on. :)