Friday, 5 May 2017

Text Review Roundup: "Rock Solid Friendship"

Voted in my county council elections yesterday. It did feel a bit odd doing so a month before a general election – the last time we had such a schedule was in 1983, long before I was old enough to vote.

"Rock Solid Friendship" is the last episode which everyone saw at roughly the same time. Treehouse seems to be continuing on its double-release path for the rest of time as long as it can. I don't think I can really justify waiting weeks, maybe months for the US schedule, so future TRRs may have to feature rather fewer reviewers even than this week's slightly meagre selection. :(

ArthurCrane – extremely positive ("It had Maud in it. 12/10")

Batbrony Reviews – slightly positive ("the first episode of Season 7 that was ... just good")

Derpy News – very positive (graded A-; Maud/Starlight great, Pinkie less so)

Louder Yay – positive (three stars; Pinkie stopped it being a four)

MLEEP Reviews – wildly positive (rated 10/10; "truly rocking")

Super Recaps – generally positive ("despite ... Pinkie Pie's portrayal, this is a really solid episode")

TheDragonWarlock – very positive (graded A-; another one who found Pinkie annoying)

Thrond Media Pony Corner – mixed (rated 60%; "moments of irritation kill the momentum")

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  1. The most well-received episode of S7, Nick Confalone is the new Larson, he is the combination of Dave Polsky and and M.A Larson xD.
    New writers, i challenge to beat this episode.