Saturday, 13 May 2017

Comic mini-review: Legends of Magic #1

Sub cover of MLP Legends of Magic #1, showing the Mane Six looking at cave paintings resembling G3 ponies
Zachary Sterling's cover was, of course, unmissable!
Good grief, I'm getting behind with these comic reviews. I haven't forgotten about main-series #53, but for now it's the first issue in the Legends of Magic series. I'm pleased to say that the Whitley/Hickey/Breckel team have got it off to a strong start. Apart from a rather irritating portrayal of young Celestia – thankfully modified later – this look into the past is great. Starswirl (who seems to have gone back to having a one-word name) is quite a lot of fun and the artwork is varied and colourful, too. For that, and the look we get into the Royal Sisters' relationship pre-Nightmare Moon, this is well worth picking up. ★★★★

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