Saturday, 24 December 2016

Newish blind reactor: Mage Royal

I'm pretty happy with the reaction to More than Alive so far. It hasn't had a whole load of views, which doesn't surprise me given what it is, but those who have read it seem to have enjoyed themselves. I'm particularly pleased about iisaw's comment, because I did wonder how accessible it would be to non-racing fans.

Now, here's an early Hearth's Warming present for that fraction of the fandom that enjoys watching blind reactions. Over the last few days, Mage Royal has uploaded his reactions for the entirety of Season Six – and you know what? For a new reactor, he's not half bad! Not as excitable as some of the other guys out there, and occasionally he's a bit quiet, but he's pleasant enough to listen to. He doesn't do facecam, which is fine as I sometimes find that rather distracting anyway. As I type, he has a mere five subscribers, but that number ought to be rather higher. If you're into blind reactions, have a look at his account.

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