Saturday, 5 September 2015

BronyBeeb presents "Make a Wish (Extended Version)"

Time for another BBC Micro rendition of a My Little Pony song. This isn't actually the one I was expecting to release next – that honour goes to a much older number, one which I now expect to reveal next month – but there is a reason for it. Simply put, 10 October, which just happens to be the first day of UK PonyCon, will also be the fifth birthday of Friendship is Magic. So what better song to mark the occasion than one actually about a birthday?

In other news, I am grinning stupidly because someone has apparently got to Louder Yay by searching for "Noseybonk fanfic". I've never written any, but... well, if you don't know who Noseybonk is, have a look here on creator Adrian Hedley's YouTube channel. You won't regret it. (Well, you might, but by then it'll be too late...)


  1. Oh, very nicely done! I remember you mentioned that you'd hoped to put together one of the older songs, so this was a bit of a surprise, but certainly a nice one. And Mr Sandwich is looking especially yellow there.

    As for Noseybonk, I fear that is entirely my fault, for mentioning him by name in the comments here, to which you responded that there would be a crossover fanfic:-

    1. Thank you. :) Yes, this song was a late addition once I realised the dual importance of 10 October this year! I intend to have the other, older, one out before the convention too.

      Also: aha! I'd completely forgotten about that. Maybe I'll actually have to write that fic. Someday. :P

    2. Is there anything I can do to persuade you to *not* write that fic? ;)

    3. We-ell... there is that half-built portal to Equestria in your garden shed... ;)

    4. Maybe when it's completed, but as it's only half-built, you're more likely to wind up in Camberwick Green at the moment.