Thursday, 5 March 2015

Season 5 coming 4th April – official

And here's the proof! This is the new – and pretty spoilery – S5 trailer (via Entertainment Weekly) that includes clips from the season premiere, very brief animatics from another ep, interview snippets with Brian Lenard (Hasbro executive director) and Meghan McCarthy... and, right at the end, the release date. Well, whaddaya know? IMDB was right about something for a change. Roll on Easter Saturday!


  1. Well! That - without saying too much in case anyone reads this and doesn't want to see spoilers - really does look fascinating! Personally I can't wait for April! :D

    1. It certainly looks interesting! Whether that turns out to be the good or the bad sort of interesting, who knows at this point -- but I'm fairly optimistic. :)

  2. Finish up your stores before April, kids. Nothing canon is safe any more...

  3. Okay, so I hadn't bothered actually watching it until I was looking for excuses not to write stuff, but as far as I can tell, Starlight Glimmer appears to be a stand-in for modern feminism and Social Justice Warriors en masse.

    Either it will end up being unintentionally funny, or it'll be great for winding up Social Justice types. Bring it on.