Monday, 9 February 2015

Bostin' Berrow Book Bulletin

Covers of the six G. M. Berrow chapter books
Fluttershy continues her quest to be more adorable than anything ever
I now have all the Mane Six chapter books by G. M. Berrow! I'm aware that I've got horribly behind with reviewing those things, and I really do intend to publish my thoughts on the Applejack and Fluttershy books. (As well as the Journal of the Two Sisters.) But my real reason for making this post is to express my happiness that the series will continue! So far, a Celestia book and the long-hoped-for Discord book have been announced; whether there will be more after that presumably depends on sales.


  1. Fluttershy is already more adorable than anything, ever.

    1. False! Quit pretending Pinkie Pie isn't the most adorable pony there is.

    2. How about we call a truce and agree on the adorableness of Andrea Libman's voice acting?

    3. No. Pinkie is a false prophet!

    4. Andrea Libman does have some adorable voice talent, but I have to throw my hat in for Tabitha St. Germain. I'm in awe of her voice work.

      But Pinkie is still Best Pony.

    5. I'm with you on Tabitha St Germain's extraordinary voice acting ability. "Simple Ways" is just the start of it. (Seriously, the range of characters she's voiced is ridiculous.)

      But Fluttershy is Fluttershy, and that in itself makes her unbeatable.