Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Not a review post :P

Apparently if I go two days without posting something, people start to worry that I've given up on the blog. Which is very kind of them, since I'm hardly important in the great scheme of things, but really: sometimes there just isn't anything to write about. Or maybe there is but I don't have the time to read/watch/listen to the source material. Or maybe I do but I don't have the time to write about it. You get the idea. Anyway, there'll certainly be a post in the next few days about the Sunset Shimmer story that was in the SDCC version of the most recent comic, so look forward to that! :)


  1. I could go a month without posting to LJ and nobody would say anything, I'm sure. ;) But yes, I know what you mean - sometimes there isn't anything to actually say, other times there IS but there's not time to write it without rushing, and so on. :)

    1. I suppose I could just write "yay" a few hundred times. :P