Tuesday, 9 July 2013

June IDW comics sales figures: bouncing back

MLP:FiM micro series #5 (Pinkie Pie) cover B
"You know what these sales figures call for? A party!"
Well, wouldn't you know it, it's time to take a look at the comics sales stats once more. In the normal way, the numbers are taken from Comichron and reflect only sales to North American comic shops. This was quite a busy month, with the end of a main-series arc, a micro-series comic and the Color Me Treasury Edition being released. Yes, that last one counts as a comic rather than a graphic novel, despite being effectively an anthology. Don't ask me why. Anyway, main-series issue #8 came in at no. 66 and sold:
This is an increase over last month's figure! Huzzah! Admittedly it's only a small rise (2.9%, in fact) but it's only the second such increase the series has had, so there's no harm in celebrating. I must admit that I'd expected another slight fall, so this is a stat that I'm very pleased to be surprised by. Maybe putting a great big picture of Luna wearing armour on the cover didn't hurt things... anyway, June also saw the release of the Pinkie Pie micro, which made it into the top 100 at no. 90 and shifted a grand total of:
This is another rise on last month, and this time it's a pretty hefty one: 10.8%, no less. It's fair to say that Fluttershy's micro wasn't the greatest My Little Pony comic ever released, but even so I'm (again) surprised to see such a healthy return. Both titles are back in the top 100, and they're also back to being IDW's number one and two best sellers, with the micro just managing to beat X:Files Season 10 issue #1 into third. Finally, the Treasury Edition crept into the chart at no. 286, selling:
A couple of hundred copies more than the trade paperback collecting issues #1 to #4, for what is also the most expensive title in the comics chart (US cover price $9.99). As such, I think this is a very respectable performance indeed. I don't (yet!) own this particular book, but clearly it's garnered a lot of interest. Oh, and before I forget, the aforementioned trade paperback added another 929 copies to last month's 4,652. An IDW graphic novel selling over 5,000 copies is doing very well, thank you. All in all, a very pleasing month!


  1. Now that's more like it! They'll be very pleased at IDW with those sales figures, and it's obviously good news for the fans. Considering the Treasury Edition is hardly a "must have" it's impressive that nearly 5000 copies of that have sold, and the increase for the mane comic is good news. As for the Micro Series... well, that's Pinkie Power! :D

    1. As I said over on UKoE, issue #8 of MLP:FiM outsold issue #8 of Star Trek:TNG/Doctor Who Assimilation by 60%. That's *seriously* impressive for IDW. I think it may perhaps have helped that Luna played so prominent a part in this arc, though. ;P

      Someone at the "Bob" meet had one of the Treasury Editions. I have to say, it was *much* more impressive than I'd thought. For one thing, it's a good deal larger than the ordinary comics -- and for another, there's a (colour!) cover gallery in the back. If I can find it at a decent price, I think I'll probably get it now. :)