Friday, 30 September 2016

What I'm writing

As I'd hoped, publishing Sunset's Sales Snag has got the ol' creative juices flowing again at last. SSS is not a particularly good story, though I do like some of its little touches – but I think it's what I needed. As things stand, I have three fics in various stages of preparedness, and they are:

Story 1 – This is the one I'm putting most into, and which may well be my next published story. It includes an idea I've had for a long, long time about Fluttershy – something that others have written similarly, but not quite the way I see it. However, 'Shy will be a secondary character; this is mainly a story about Applejack and an OC. Assuming it works out, this will be my first properly "serious" fic since To Be the Candle from June 2015.

Story 2 – This, on the other hand, is a piece of pure silliness. Rarity has discovered that cricket is played in Canterlot and has fallen in love with the game. She's rather rashly challenged a Canterlot side to a match, which means getting a Ponyville side together. And trying to teach them what cricket actually is. I don't expect this will get much of an audience, but I don't care. Conceived quite a bit before "Buckball Season" appeared, incidentally.

Story 3 – Here I'm in "back to basics" mode again, as I was with The Light that Ignites in the Dark back in December 2014. I want to write a fairly light, fun Mane Six adventure story of the sort that people used to put out years ago. Equestria's increasing fullness, the existence of Starlight, etc mean it's hard to do adventure in the way It's a Serious Business once did, so I'll have to fiddle things. (Not that I'm being that ambitious anyway, but you see the point.)


  1. Serious, silly and light adventure. Sounds like a nice mix. :)

    Of the limited creative things I engage in (LEGO building, video making) I've found mixing things up does surprising wonders to one's productivity.

    1. Thanks! I'd say there's a chance the first story will be published before UK PonyCon, but I definitely aim to get it out by Christmas.

      And indeed; always good advice in any creative endeavour. :)