Friday, 16 September 2016

Pony Music Library 25: "Nightmare Night"

I've got nothing much to post about today, so let's go for another addition to the PML.

What? "Nightmare Night"

Who? WoodenToaster and Mic the Microphone

Which? Original song

When? October 2011

Why? It's amazing to think that this is almost five years old now, but its staying power is undoubted. I generally dislike songs that use heavy autotune, but in this case it's done for deliberate effect and works very well. Mic himself performed this live during his set at BUCK 2014's Summer Sun Celebration; I made sure I was there to see it – and it's not as if I usually go out of my way to seek out rappers! Sadly, none of the YouTube videos of it entirely capture the energy of the performance, but from inside the hall it was tremendous. There's a Living Tombstone remix, which I also like, but I do prefer the original.


  1. You know, I always liked this song, but the lyrics bother me. Musically, it's awesome, but the lyrics just sound like something that was crafted five minutes before the recording. They're just so... so... obvious? I'm not sure what the correct word is that I'm looking for is, but it's like Mic thought of the rhymes and just went with whatever the first thing to pop into his head was. I'm assuming he wrote it. I really don't know, though. The only lyric in it that I think is more than just serviceable is:

    Gracing her subjects,
    She's ain't leaving no choice.
    She's gonna blow you all back with her Equestrian voice.

    That one is pretty good. The rest though...

    Where's the General Mumble stuff? I don't think I've seen you post anything he's done.

    1. A lot of pony songs have rather poor lyrics, especially in terms of fitting them to the rhythm... and I'm afraid Daniel Ingram himself isn't immune to that on occasion. So I suppose I've become a little inured to it.

      Where's the General Mumble stuff?

      I'm not a huge fan of his stuff, as it happens. Nothing against him, and I don't dislike his music, but I can't think of any of his songs that have really stuck in my head.

    2. Well, I'll qualify that: "She's a Pony" has never quite left me. So if I do ever feature a GM song, it'll probably be that one. The equivalent of the RiL list is already fairly long, though!

    3. A lot of Mumble's earlier stuff is better, I've found. I've been watching him forever, and sometimes I ask myself why, because half the stuff he produces isn't what I even consider "music". <.< On that note, go find "Underwater", because it's amazing.