Friday, 23 September 2016

New story by me: Sunset's Sales Snag

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Taken from some public domain picture library or other
Sunset's Sales Snag by Loganberry
Sunset Shimmer and OC
Comedy/Equestria Girls/Slice of Life; 1k words; Sep 2016; Teen (Sex)
Sunset Shimmer works in market research. It's not going too well.
Sunset Shimmer, now 21 but still stuck in a dead-end sales job knocking on doors for a cake company, has put up with plenty in her years on the road. Drenching rain, clueless managers, hyenas... it's probably surprising she hasn't run into this problem before. A bit of silly fluff for Sunset Shimmer Day.

Before you say it: yes, I know yesterday was Sunset Shimmer Day. I did in fact publish this then, but have only just got round to posting about it here. Don't expect much (even by my standards) from this one – that last sentence of the description pretty much says it all. It's a case of writing a few paragraphs for fun, writing a few more, realising I was going to pass 1,000 words... and shrugging and deciding I might as well publish the damn thing anyway. The [Sex] tag is cautious, and is there for thematic reasons; there's nothing explicit in the story.

As I type this, the story isn't doing terribly well with readers: its thumbscore is +12/-4 as I type. It probably deserves that mediocre rating, though I suspect at least some of the downvoters did it just for the ending (which is indeed feeble). But I'm just relieved to have got something out after more than six months since my last full-length fic. Hopefully the next story I put out will be back to somewhere remotely near where I'd expect to be. :)

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