Thursday, 5 May 2016

Text Review Roundup: "No Second Prances"

It's Thursday, so it's time once again for TRR. This episode was very well received by the fandom at large, so it's no surprise that the text-based reviewers are also positive overall. The consensus isn't as strong as it was for "Gauntlet of Fire", though, with one notable exception to the praise-fest. It's nice to welcome back Unleash the Fanboy, whose reviews seemed to have disappeared for a while. Half a dozen prime text reviews are served up here:

Batbrony Reviews – very positive

Derpy News – very positive (rated A-)

Ponyland News – extremely positive (rated 9.6/10)

Super Recaps – strongly positive (favourite episode of S6 so far)

TheDragonWarlock – very positive (rated A-)

Unleash the Fanboy – equivocal (rated 6/10)

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