Saturday, 7 May 2016

Pony Music Library 4: "Great to be Different"

If all goes well, I'll be at the first meeting of a new brony meetup group today. Which does mean I'll miss seeing the episode live, but I think I can cope without 167 hours of US TV adverts. :P

Welcome to PMR 4, and this time I have something that probably everyone in the fandom will have heard many, many times. Maybe you're fed up to the back teeth with it. Bad luck: I love it, so here it is.

What? "Great to be Different"

Who? Forest Rain

Which? Original song

When? August 2012

Why? Partly because I like Forest Rain's voice, partly because I like Derpy – but mostly because this is such a wonderfully life-affirming song. It's easy to be cynical about our fandom – and sometimes with reason – but "Great to be Different" overcomes its less than original message and makes the whole thing work. It was inspired by a once-famous incident at Bronycon 2012, when someone left letters, signed as from Derpy, around the con bearing encouraging messages – and "it's great to be different" was the one Forest Rain discovered. Although I've linked to her own account, the most popular video is Brony Dance Party's animation from a year later.

Note: Derpy's voice is provided by Decibelle.


  1. Another one I haven't actually heard before. I'm gradually catching up on about 5 years of fandom music! Will give this a listen later.

    1. I believe you'll have heard it at least once, because it was one of the songs we "sang" at UK PonyCon last year! (Well, unless it coincided with your Oculus Rift session, which I don't think it did.)

  2. As much as I dislike this genre in general, I just can't get mad at this song. It just feels really sincere.