Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Pony Music Library 10: "Shine Like Rainbows"

iisaw's The Twilight Enigma is complete! This is awesome news, as it means I can stick it on the e-reader to take with me on holiday in a fortnight. :) And now here is some music.

What? "Shine Like Rainbows"

Who? Daniel Ingram

Which? Rainbow Rocks song

When? September 2014

Why? Because it's lovely. Simple, heartfelt and full of friendship, this is my favourite EQG song of them all. It even inspired me to write a fanfic. The album version has a slightly longer chorus, but the one here is the version seen in the film's end credits. The greatest sadness about this is that those wonderful drawings by Katrina Hadley were never made available as prints. Why, Hasbro, why?


  1. This makes me want to rewatch Rainbow Rocks. I feel like I never gave that movie a proper viewing...

    1. It's far and away my favourite EqG movie. I saw them all in the cinema, which may have some bearing given that the sound was more impressive than I'd get at home. Still, even without the music I think I'd have put Rainbow Rocks top, largely because of Sunset Shimmer.