Monday, 26 June 2017

Episode review: S7E12: "Discordant Harmony"

Some Discords get ready to "fix" Discord's house
Wreaking anarchy and all that it brings. Or not
Although Canada and the US have entered a hiatus after episode 11, Australian television has now shown episodes 12 and 13 as well. That being so, I've decided to review them straight(ish) away. I should warn you in advance that E13 in particular is not one you want to know about before viewing. This ep is more ordinary, so you won't be spoiling yourself on any earth-shaking revelations if you do decide to read it. Beyond the break, a shortish look at "Discordant Harmony".

Even I agreed that "Fluttershy Leans In" was a slight disappointment, so I was hoping for a better showing from Best Pony this time round. Happily, I got it, despite the fact that I can often take or leave Discord. This is a sweet episode, amusing without being utterly hilarious and perhaps the best look so far at the friendship between this particular odd couple. Okay, it's superior filler, but so are quite a few of the episodes that give me a smile and a warm feeling inside.

Several earlier reviewers have commented on the pacing, and I think it's a fair point. The first act does seem to drag on a little, with a scene in a tea shop (disappointingly not staffed by Tealove) one that could have been cut down a bit. I'll admit that I was having visions of "Applejack's 'Day' Off" – by the same writing team – in which 22 minutes was spent telling very little actual story. Happily, things pick up once Fluttershy arrives at Discord's cottage.

The piñata Discord has brought to life, in a shopping trolley say piñata – let's call the whole thing off
The notion that Discord fades if he's not chaotic enough is intriguing, and one I'm sure several fanficcers will have filed away for future use. Like quite a few things in the show, it may not stand up to intense scrutiny, but let's roll with it for now. Fluttershy, though, steals scene after scene (biased, me?) first with her obvious disappointment at finding the house normal, then with her determination to do something about it. That initial teacup-flip is impossibly adorable.

For an episode featuring not only Discord but Pinkie Pie in (admittedly for a minor but useful role) it's amusing that 'Shy is the craziest character on display by the third act. You can tell that it isn't coming naturally to her – and nor it should – but you can also tell that she isn't going to give up on her special friend. She's truly horrified by Discord's fading (if draconequui can "die" then he came close) and the depth of her friendship shines through.

"Discordant Harmony" closes with another stupidly cute scene in which things in Discord's cottage are back to "normal" and the two friends are chasing sandwiches on the ceiling with butterfly nets. It's a nice way to end an episode that also has a plain yet excellent moral: that differences can strengthen friendships. I've not been a big fan of most Fox brothers episodes, but "Discordant Harmony" is easily my favourite of theirs. A high three.

Fluttershy giggles at Discord in his Fluttershy costume
"Not quite the reaction you had when Pinkie Pie did this, Fluttershy"
Best quote: Discord: "Piñatas hate bats."

  • The special nature of Discord and Fluttershy's friendship is evident
  • Some amusing little touches, such as the multiple Discords
  • Very satisfying, if simple, moral
  • Pacing is a bit too slow early on


  1. This is the first ep of Fox Bros make a way to my top of list of S7 ( even if there are more top-tiers come along, this ep will be in honorable mention at least). They make the worst and the best, i didnt expect any greatness from them (i am a bit teary near the end of the ep because i saw a great ep from writers that i look down the most).

    This ep just did what Buckball Season did to me last season, a simple episode can find a way to my top list of the season.

    1. Yeah, "Buckball Season" is a good comparison. I like that better, I think, but there are similarities.

  2. I've finally found time to give this a second watch.

    The first 2 acts, while not terrible, really don't interest me all that much, apart from the 2 new tea ponies and Pinkie's cameo.

    The third act really turns things around though. The whole time Fluttershy's at Discord's place, it's a real joy to watch. And I actually agree that in this case, Shy is stealing the show.

    Also, "Laaaaa la la laaa, ba doo ba dee ba daaaahh.." :D :D

    1. 'Shy often steals the show. It's just as she's 'Shy, people don't notice. ;)