Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Season Seven on the way, and three Equestria Girls specials!

(h/t: Jarkes in an EQD comments thread)
We interrupt our usual posting schedule to bring you this press release from, a division of World Screen. Since WS is a heavyweight industry news source, this is definitely not someone on a little blog taking a flyer.

The press release starts out talking about Transformers, but quickly gets to the interesting stuff. I'll summarise what we're going to get in 2017:
  1. New season of Friendship is Magic
  2. My Little Pony: The Movie (okay, we knew about that one)
  3. "Three all-new specials" for Equestria Girls
The first of those will get the most attention, I'm sure, and reasonably so – especially as S7 might end up being the final season of FiM. However, the news regarding EqG is interesting, too. It looks as though there will not be another feature film next year, but instead several shorter cartoons.

Whatever the case, Season Seven is coming.

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