Friday, 1 May 2015

Comic mini-review: Fiendship is Magic #5: Queen Chrysalis

MLP Fiendship is Magic Chrysalis comic cover

The Fiendship series has been pretty variable, but you'd think that a Chrysalis-focused comic by the Cook/Price/Breckel team that started IDW's powerhouse would be at least fairly good. And, glory be, you'd be right. This is considerably better than the other recent stories by this team, largely because of the way the changeling queen herself is represented. Her backstory fits her character, and the tone is suitably dark in places. The artwork is pretty solid, too. The last few pages aren't quite as strong, and for no obvious reason "pegasus" is used as a plural on several occasions, but overall I think this rivals the Sombra issue as the best of April's bunch. ★★★★

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