Friday, 24 April 2015

Comic mini-review: Fiendship is Magic #4: Nightmare Moon

MLP Nightmare Moon Fiendship is Magic comic cover

This has been one of the most eagerly awaited Fiendship comics, because Heather Nuhfer was the writer behind the well-received "Nightmare Rarity" arc from long ago. Tony Fleecs handles the art and Heather Breckel does the colouring. So, expectations were high... but sadly not really fulfilled. The Nyx (who I like to think are so named purely to troll the fandom) don't really catch the attention and Nightmare Moon herself doesn't live up to her own hype. Fleecs' art is decent (though I could really have done without the gremlin) but this issue has the same problem as last week's Sirens comic: it doesn't make the most of a potentially fascinating setup. Surprising and disappointing given Nuhfer's role. Oh, and two horrible typos, too. ★★


  1. Nyx? Oh ponyfeathers, I was gonna use that name for a fanfic I was gonna write (it would have been similar to Nightmare Rarity in a way, but all the Mane 6 and OCs of mine would have nightmare counterparts), but oh well.

    Shame this comic doesn't sound like it was good. Now I'm worried a bit about the future for the comic series, and considering the ratings here are starting to drop, what if this comic series flops?

    I'd say better sounding stories dealing with Nightmare Moon are either in "Fall of the Crystal Empire," or this fan comic:

  2. To be honest I quite liked this particular issue. I'd have to agree though that, like with the previous 2 comics, it could have been so much more. I can't help thinking that it was a story that deserved at least 2 issues rather than being crushed into the very limited space of just one. It seemed like so much of the Nightmare Moon story needed a lot more room. The ponies being turned against Celestia wasn't something you could really resolve over the space of 2 pages. That needed about half an issue dedicated to it, and the fight between Celesia and Nightmare Moon certainly could have been something special if it had been 7 or 8 pages long.

    Something I did notice - one of the dream creators was called Gaiman. I doubt that was accidental bearing in mind that Neil Gaiman wrote The Sandman - a story specifically about a character called Dream who controls and creates, oddly enough, dreams. :)