Friday, 27 December 2013

Taking a short break; Top 10 Pony Songs of 2013 coming soon!

Don't worry, nothing bad has happened. I'm just off on holiday for a while, and I won't have much internet access for the next week or so. Unfortunately that means that my review of episode 7 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be delayed. I may be able to watch it during my break, though, and I do intend to post a review of E7 before episode 8 comes out.

Some time in January, I also intend to post my Top 10 Pony Songs of 2013. To make things easier, I will only consider tracks that have been uploaded to YouTube with a 2013 datestamp. I don't allow remixes of official tunes,* and only one song per artist is permissible. I did this last year, and here's what made it into the chart I compiled twelve months ago:
  1. A Pony Like Me (Replacer)
  2. The Fear of Flight (Aviators)
  3. Vicious Lies (d.notive)
  4. The Moon Rises (Ponyphonic)
  5. So Much Left to Know (MandoPony)
  6. Loyalty (Acoustic Brony)
  7. Sweetie's Big Race (Toastwaffle)
  8. Discord (The Living Tombstone)
  9. Fluttershy – The Voice of Nature (Legendary)
  10. Hay Ms Derpy (Forest Rain)
I already have several songs in mind that are virtually certain to make the list, but I'm open to recommendations if you want to leave any comments here. You can probably get a fair idea from last year's list of the sort of music I generally like. Remember, though, only this year's releases are eligible.

* In case you're wondering, if I did allow official-tune remixes, I'd go for the Aviators remix of "Helping Twilight Win the Crown".

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