Thursday, 3 November 2016

Text Review Roundup: Legend of Everfree

Trixie points as Gaea approaches
"Look over there! Can it be... a peanut butter cracker?"
Here we go with the long-promised TRR for EqG 4! As you'd expect, there are a fair number of reviewers weighing in on this movie who don't generally comment on Friendship is Magic itself. Quite a range of opinions about this film, too, albeit largely positive ones...

Articles of Destroyer – generally positive (rated 7.5/10; "poorly developed romance, but there’s a lot to appreciate")

Common Sense Media – slightly negative (two stars; "[a]ppropriate only for kids who are comfortable with pretend scares and action.")

Derpy News – extremely positive (graded A; "truly on par with Rainbow Rocks")

The Entertainment Nut – underwhelmed (graded C+; "turns what should be an exciting adventure, into something that just seems to meander along")

Inside Pulse – positive (rated 4.0(/5?); "filled with musical moments to keep fans entertained and humming along")

Louder Yay – mildly positive (three stars; "a notch above 'just okay', but no more than that")

MLEEP Reviews – extremely positive (rated 9.5/10; "came pretty damn close to becoming my favorite film in the franchise")

Pop Culture Beast – very positive ("might be the best Equestria Girls movie so far")

Super Recaps – mixed ("a whole lot of wasted potential [but] still a lot of fun"

TheDragonWarlock – mixed (graded B-; "better pacing and a much clearer story [but] huge plot holes ... and ... a rather anti-climatic ending")

Thrond Media Pony Corner – negative (rated 40%; "an insubstantial, repetitive slog")


  1. An interesting selection.

    My initial reaction to the film was extremely positive, and I think that at least counts for something. But having had time to reflect, I have to concede LoE doesn't quite reach up to Rainbow Rock's level. I still think it isn't far off though, and certainly stronger than Friendship Games.

    1. It's nice to see that the general consensus from viewers seems to be that it's better than Friendship Games. That gives me hope.

      Friendship Games was just so blah.

    2. I must admit I'd find it hard to separate the two. I'd need to watch them both again, but I just don't have the enthusiasm to watch in the way I still do for Rainbow Rocks.

  2. Hey tgere Logan, I need an advice from you: While I generally loved the S6 as whole, the finale alone killed about the 60% of my hype of the show, and that disappointment is giving me a lot of healty problems in real life. Ah whatever, just read my posts here, you'll understand better:

    Any advice on how should I move now for what remains for MLP by the time the Movie is released?
    PS: sorry if I post this here, I didn't find any other way to contact you...

    1. Okay, look. I am not a counsellor or a doctor. If your life really is in unhappy, those are the people you need to consult, not a blogger. I am not qualified or equipped to do it myself. Please do not ask me to do so.

      But I will say this: there is nothing wrong with moving on to something else. Nothing at all; plenty of people have done it. Where the problem comes is if you continue to obsess about "what you've lost". That brings only unhappiness. Don't. Keep hold of what you've enjoyed, maybe go back and watch those episodes, but then find something else.

      And I say again: if you are truly being made so unhappy by stuff that it's making you ill, then you should see a doctor. I cannot do what a doctor can.

    2. Look, I only asked an advice on what to do with MLP by the time the Movie is released. Finding something else to watch? I've already did that, and I've found the perfect show to replace MLP once I quit (Namely Miraculous Ladybug), however I'm not gonna quit this show by remembering the six heroes who helped me to grow in these hard years as Peach-like damzelleses in distress, which is why I've chosen The Movie as my end of the ride: not only because McCarthy and Thiessen are writing it, not only because its REALLY GOOD premises, but also because it's confirmed OFFICIALLY that the Mane 6 are going to be the centric characters, so it will be the perfect way for me to quit the show. However, while for the Movie itself I've zero worries, I can't say the same for the S7 after how terrible the finale was for me. What I'm asking is an advice on how to go with that: giving the S7 a chance or completely skipping it and going directly on the Movie? Or have you any better advice on how approach on that?

    3. Yes, but you've said the same thing again and again and again on different sites. It's time to do one of two things: 1) accept that the show has moved on, or 2) move on yourself. My feeling is that you should only watch S7 if you can deal with possible disappointment calmly. For example, imagine that S7 has a massive Starlight arc (eg she gets made an alicorn). Could you deal with that and accept it? I don't mean actively like, but simply accept. If your answer is yes, then watch S7. If it's no, then it's probably time to move on.

      But in the end, this is a decision you have to make on your own. Twilight said that to Rainbow once, and she was correct. Nobody except you is you, so only you can make the final decision.

      Whatever you decide, I wish you happiness. :)

    4. Mmmmmhhhh.... Tell you what: I'll wait for the S7 premiere's synopsis, and if it won't convince me, I'll skip the S7 and go directly to the Movie. I think it's the best approach I can take now.

  3. One last thing anyway: I ask to not judge me by making the decision of quitting this show. I mean, it's human to stop following a show if it doesn't satisfy you anymore, and while I'm not fine with the new direction the show is gonna take, I don't judge anyone for liking it. So please, don't see me as a bad guy, or worse as someone like that Murrisson guy just because I don't like this new direction the show has taken...

    1. I don't judge you for it. If you don't like it, that's fine by me. I meant it when I said I wished you happiness.