Sunday, 6 November 2016

Remember this?

Yeah, you're right, this is just filler. But hey, if the show can do it, why can't I do the same? I remember when this video came out in July 2012, and it blew me (and plenty of other people) away. JanAnimations got even better later on, before the C&D hit, but this was the first time I realised what a superbly talented animator the guy was. Also, I heard EileMonty sing the song live at BUCK years ago, which is definitely worth some memory-jogging. :)

Also, in case you're one of the three people wondering: no, I'm not going to be featuring the song (by MandoPony) in the Pony Music Library, for the simple reason that the song is pretty much inseparable from the PMV in my mind.


  1. There have been other great animators associated with the fandom, but I don't think any of them have or will quite reach the same level as Jan. This one and 'Don't Mine at Night' are probably the highlights for me.

    Did you see his animatic for 'Pony Rock Anthem'? Gives me the chills to think how good that wouldn't been had he finished the full animation.

    1. I think "Lullaby for a Princess" is about the best non-Jan animation I've seen, though it's obviously not show style. And yeah, "Don't Mine at Night" is fantastic.

      I have seen that animatic, yes, though I'm one of the few(?) who can take or leave PRA itself, a finished video would obviously have been a must-watch.