Saturday, 19 November 2016

So, about that future Ponyfic Roundup theme

I got a response to my previous post on this, which in all honesty I didn't expect to. Here are the suggestions I got in that response:
1) Character spotlights, starting with the Mane Six
2) Character spotlights, not starting with the Mane Six
3) Present Perfect
4) Cutlery
I'm not entirely sure how far this has advanced my thinking on the topic. Mind you, given that next week's PR theme will be "fruit", I suspect what the above have in common is that they're all considerably too sensible.


  1. "Cutlery"
    lol! Oh dear.. I was mainly just going for the cheap 'Saddle Row Review' reference, but I fear I may have started something now.. ;)

    1. What bothers me is that, looming on the far horizon, I can see a future containing a custard spoon... ;)

  2. I am actually looking forward to the spoons one, just to see how many stories will not feature Silver Spoon. :V

    1. Oh, Hard Mode challenge, huh? I think it might just about be possible. Maybe I'll make it my Christmas Special or something. :D