Thursday, 13 October 2016

Text Review Roundup: "Where the Apple Lies"

Granny about to "operate" on Big McIntosh
Hey, don't give the NHS any ideas!
This was the only episode of the final four that I didn't see first on Tiny Pop, though I don't think that made any difference to my review. (I'm old enough, with bad enough eyes, not to care all that much about watching in 576p.) It got a pretty positive reaction on the day, but the text-based reviewers take in a fairly wide spread of opinions. As always, please let me know if you find any other people posting reviews – proper ones, not just the odd sentence in a forum discussion. Thanks!

ArthurCrane – mixed ("While all of this is pretty interesting, I wish there was a better story behind it")

Articles of Destroyer – extremely positive (rated 9/10; "a fantastic episode")

Batbrony Reviews – extremely positive ("a delightfully enjoyable surprise")

Derpy News – mixed (graded B-; "an OK episode, but the lying by AJ got quite cringeworthy [and she was] a little too easily forgiven")

Louder Yay – positive (three stars; "a solid, likeable story")

MLEEP Reviews – very positive (rated 9.5/10; "a pretty great episode")

The Railfan Brony Blog – positive (rated 8/10; "The plot isn't anything new [but] it was handled quite nicely")

The Super Mario Brony Blog – positive (four stars; "I just like it if not intensely love it")

Super Recaps – rather negative ("safe ... felt like a wasted opportunity")

TheDragonWarlock – mixed (rated 7/10; "isn't a bad episode, but it does end up being rather boring")

Thrond Media Pony Corner – rather negative (rated 53%; "ultimately a slog")

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