Saturday, 8 October 2016

A fortnight till UK PonyCon!

Sitting here and digesting the implications of the Season Six finale (which isn't actually the finale thanks to scheduling), I'm also turning my attentions more and more to UK PonyCon, which will be happening just two weeks from now. The schedules are out, and now I'm trying to work out what to go to. One panel I will almost certainly attend is the one hosted by teamidris about what it's like to be a ponyfic writer with dyslexia. I know very little about this, and I'm sure I'll learn something. There's a second writing panel I may well also go to, but it's hosted by people I don't know at all, so I may wait to see the description in the conbook before making a final decision.

It still feels weird to me to be so hyped for a My Little Pony convention, when for several decades of my life I'd never been to any convention in any fandom. BUCK 2013 was my first, followed by BUCK 2014, UKPC 2014, UKPC 2015 and now this. But even though it will be a relatively small-scale event (attendance around 500), it's still making me bounce around already. I hope it can live up to last year's UKPC, which I loved pretty much from start to finish. Leeds isn't as compact as Leicester, so there'll be more walking to do between bus/train station and venue, but I'm sure I'll manage. There will, of course, be a report in due course!


  1. I'm saving the finale for after I've seen episodes 23 and 24. Just seems right to me. No idea what the finale entails, other than what I've seen in a completely unavoidable YouTube thumbnail. Interesting to hear there are 'implications to digest' though.

    For Ponycon, I'm not psyched for the 'My Little Pony' brand, so much as I'm psyched to be spending a weekend hanging out with good ponyfolk like yourself.

    1. It's a finale -- there are always implications to digest! (Okay, arguable for S1, but certainly for the others.)

      Oh definitely, the people are the most important thing (and thanks! Same back at you). By far the best thing about cons is exactly that -- the social atmosphere that isn't there anywhere else. With Kuuru Pop absent this year, there may be slightly fewer plushies around, though. (I know several plushie makers are on the vendor list, but on the whole they're custom artists, not "two for £25" people!)

      That said, I suspect the actual ponyness may be a little more important to me than it is to you. I strongly suspect now that this is a very long-term interest for me, and that if there's a UK PonyCon in 20 years' time and everyone's discussing G7, I'll still be going to it.