Sunday, 2 October 2016

Comic mini-review: Friends Forever #32: Fluttershy and Daring Do

IDW MLP Friends Forever #32, main cover by Tony Fleecs
I'd probably have preferred Tony Fleecs to draw inside, too
This combination of writer Ted Anderson and artist Jay Fosgitt could have been calculated to make some parts of the fandom wound up, but they do a fairly solid job with this issue. I'm not really convinced that Fosgitt's "squishy" style really lends itself well to adventure stories like this one, and I really wish he'd lay off the bipdedalism, but that aside it's cute and colourful (thanks, Heather Breckel!) and doesn't get in the way. The story is a little shaky at times (Daring's initial greeting to 'Shy doesn't sound terribly natural) but again it does the job. You won't find anything extraordinary here, which is a slight shame given the unusual pairing, but as long as you like Fosgitt's art it's worth picking this up. ★★★


  1. I picked it up because Daring Do... I had forgotten how bad Fosgitt's art was, or maybe I wouldn't have. One mangled Caballeron face actually made me say, "What the fuck?" out loud. The story was fine, but the art interrupted it so often that it became an unpleasant experience for me. :(

    1. It's a real Marmite style, there's no doubt about that. I personally don't really get the intense dislike for it (I've read plenty of it, but it doesn't connect), but then I love Marmite too. :P