Saturday, 9 February 2019

Is the news drought nearing its end at last?

It's now less than a week before this year's New York Toy Fair kicks off in, surprisingly enough, New York. This is speculation on my part, but given that Hasbro will have a substantial presence there and that they've made significant announcements at the Fair in the past, I'm at least half-expecting the announcement next week. Or at least one of them: when we can expect Season 9 of Friendship is Magic to air. Of course, some of that will be down to Discovery Family, but even "Spring 2019" would be something!

The other big announcements that may be less likely are linked: confirmation (or otherwise!) that S9 will be the end of the road, and any official details at all about G5. Personally I'd be relieved if Hasbro came right out and said, "That's all, folks!" as it would mean we'd be going into S9 without that extra layer of uncertainty. I'm not convinced they will, though – but a basic S9 timing announcement? Yeah, I think it's about time the powers that be broke their silence on that one, and I hope they do.

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