Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Video commercial for Equestria Daily

I am playing absurd amounts of GT Legends at the moment. The discovery that Steam – Steam! – had it free of the hideous Starforce DRM that renders it unplayable on modern machines, and also for £0.00 as I have a boxed retail copy with the requisite code, was too much to ignore. Also, you can change the driver names. Last time out in a Lotus Cortina race at Thruxton, Fluttershy held off Scootaloo for the win. The biggest hooligan out there, incidentally, is Carrot Top: she's fast, but she's also wild; CT has repeatedly punted me off the track.

This has been trailed on EQD for a while, and here it is. Made by WeimTime, most known to me for their musical stuff, and voiced by Caitbug, it's not at all bad. It's nothing spectacular in terms of content, and I can't help noticing that fanfic is as usual way down the list (joke! Mostly), but I should think it'll do a job in terms of being seen by people who wouldn't normally see it. Mind you, that's bound to include some who just want to be pains, so I suspect we'll have to get used to a little more unwanted attention for a while as well as (hopefully) more actual recruits to our ridiculous, wonderful fandom.

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