Saturday, 7 January 2017

The end of The End of Ponies

Another story I will probably never read: shortskirtsandexplosions' 527,000-word unfinished epic The End of Ponies has been marked Cancelled, more than three years after it was last updated. SS&E has also cancelled several others, while setting a number more to "On Hiatus" – see his blog for a post "about failure" that semi-obliquely talks about this while also giving some worthwhile writing advice.

For what it's worth, the Austraeoh saga (on SS&E's Imploding Colon account) remains set to "Incomplete", with the most recent chapter being – oh, ha ha – Utaan's "Waiting is the Hardest Part". I doubt I'll ever go back to it, since I just didn't like it enough to commit to several million words, but it does look as though it may not suffer TEoP's fate.

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