Monday, 26 December 2016

Pony Music Library 35: "Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep (Gene Gadget Mix)"

Apart from checking one or two minor things, I stayed offline yesterday. It's nice to have an (almost) complete break from the internet from time to time. This post was scheduled in advance for Boxing Day morning. It's not remotely seasonal, but that's what the Christmas Eve post was for!

What? "Sweep Sweep Sweep Sweep (Gene Gadget Mix)"

Who? KingSpartaX37 (YT channel name; aka Delta Brony)

Which? Show song remix

When? May 2016

Why? One of the many well-loved moments from "The Saddle Row Review" was a silly little scene ostensibly about tidying up Rarity's new shop. Rainbow's "Only Twilight could make a dance remix about sweeping" line was, I'm sure, intended as a challenge to the fandom: it was certainly seen as such, and within a few days there were dozens of the things. I chose Delta Brony's track because it's stupidly catchy, keeps things simple and – most importantly – contains a large dollop of nostalgia value. Seriously, is there anyone old enough to remember 16-bit consoles who doesn't think this is basically a boss fight tune? :D


  1. This is my absolute favorite remix of the Sweep song. In my mind, I'm playing an MLP-themed Mega-Man style game, and it is glorious.

    1. The only difference for me is that no gaming I ever did (platformers, anyway) could ever be classed as glorious. :D

    2. I dunno, man. If you didn't find Mega-Man 2 glorious, well, you just might be some kind of bizarre alien.

      Ah, well. That's generally how I feel about sports games. None of them interest me, no matter how well regarded they are. Everyone's got their niche.

    3. Fun, yes. But I only ever played 16-bit games at friends' houses. I went straight from 8-bit computers to the PC world.

      My gaming niche has generally been racing sims. I've spent hundreds, probably thousands of hours playing GT Legends and the like. Played it again last night, actually. It's over a decade old now, but class is permanent.

  2. Just nitpicking a bit here - the musician only uses the name KingSpartaX37 on his YT channel. He actually goes by the name of Delta Brony - a name he's been using since late 2012.