Thursday, 22 December 2016

New story by me: More than Alive

More than Alive by Loganberry
Rainbow Dash
Alternate Universe/Slice of Life; 3k words; Dec 2016; Everyone
Rainbow Dash drives like she flies: fast, committed, aiming for the sky.
This Equestria is much like any other. Rainbow Dash is still fast, still committed, still devoted to being number one. She's still flying upwards and still aiming for the sky. But right now, she's not even aloft. Today, she's going to be and do all those other things without ever leaving the ground.

"Speed creates a sensation of being alive, more than alive" -- Juan Manuel Fangio

Like so many others, this isn't a fic I intended or expected to write; it just happened. I suspect many of you reading this know exactly what that feels like. I scribbled down a few lines about Rainbow as a racing driver, added in the slightly obscure sort of motorsport I know best, and boom. By the time I'd added a few more paragraphs for fun, I was so close to 1,000 words that it would have been silly to stop there.

In spite of its publication date, More than Alive has absolutely nothing to do with either pony Hearth's Warming or human Christmas. It's just an idea made flesh, given an engine and sent off up the track to see what awaits. With luck, one or two of you will enjoy it – though that's probably most likely if you have at least some interest in motorsport. The cover photo is based on one I took at the track on which Shiresley is closely based.

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