Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Pony Music Library 13: "Call Upon the Sea Ponies"

By now, most of you already know what Michael Vogel managed with "Spice Up Your Life". I, however, don't. In lieu of my usual Monday episode review, have a PML entry.

What? "Call Upon the Sea Ponies"

Who? Johnny Douglas

Which? G1 original song

When? April 1984

Why? Come on, did you really think I could resist this one forever? No, it's not a Friendship is Magic song, but it's most certainly a part of the brony experience. The original is from Rescue at Midnight Castle, the first My Little Pony cartoon of them all. It's absurdly catchy, it's absolutely ludicrous and it has some priceless Applejack. If we ever do get sea ponies in FiM itself, there'll undoubtedly be a new wave of people singing this at every conceivable opportunity. Actually, people will probably be singing this when the sun has become a red giant in five billion years' time.


  1. I just listened to this for the first time.

    My reaction: "Ah, so it *is* the full version of that 'shoopie doo' thing."

    I now urgently need to listen to something else to get it out of my head.

    1. I'm afraid it's incurable. You wait until October. ;)

  2. Oh, there will be sea ponies in FiM. Sort of. You see, they'll be appearing in the big pony movie next year, and will be one of the species that the Mane 6 come across on their epic adventure.