Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Comic mini-review: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #34

My Little Pony comic #34 cover A
Andy Price's main cover is really very nicely done
After several generally rather disappointing main-series stories in IDW's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series, this month we get the start of "Siege of the Crystal Empire", the first four-part outing since the controversial "Reflections" arc. Notably, this one is drawn by Andy Price but not written by long-time collaborator Katie Cook; Jeremy Whitley does the honours. Heather Breckel is the colourist. I think it's a definite improvement, too: although not perfect (one pony says "my hand slipped", a shoddy error) there's a lot of actual intrigue going on by the end.

Price's artwork looks good for the most part, as does Breckel's colour work, while Whitley's writing certainly seems rather stronger than Cook's was, slightly uncertain opening scene aside. The question of why certain characters would team up will need to be addressed, so I can't be more than "cautiously optimistic" right now, but here's hoping. Probably the most enjoyable main-series comic since issue #24 – it's a three-star issue, but a top-end three and at last I can recommend a main-series comic again! ★★★


  1. Sorry, but you made a mistake; you put this as issue #35 by mistake!

    Anyway, this issue was OK, but I share the same concerns other people were; they couldn't see the Flim Flam Brothers, nor Iron Will nor Lightning Dust doing this, and I do share a bit of it. Maybe they'll find out what they did was wrong and they'll make up for it.

    There were some annoying parts I found though. Yeah, I caught that hand error. Ponies don't have hands, they have hooves! Plus I think they've dropped the "everypony" phrase (that's a flaw all of the comics have; they don't say "everypony" all the time). Plus wasn't the Flim Flams' thingy the Super Duper Speedy Cider Squeezy "6000,", not "3000?"

    It was cool to see Shining Armor and Cadence, but I kinda feel that the Mane Six kinda were shafted to the side a bit, minus Twilight (though Rarity's reaction to that water balloon was hilarious). But this is only the first issue of the story...

    The action was pretty cool though, (I didn't expect the Changelings nor Chrysalis though) and seeing Sombra return was also cool. Some people are complaining that Hope may try to get Sombra redeemed when he doesn't deserve that. Maybe she'll try but it'll end up not working in the end, we'll have to see.

    Overall, I'd give it 3 stars just like you did. It's OK, and hopefully the story will get better as it goes along. They better not screw something up, otherwise I may not be able to read the Fiendship is Magic #1 again (I read it online and it was awesome)...and I'll lose faith in the comic series...pretty much what Rainbow said, "I'm watching you" writers...

    1. Error fixed; thanks!

      Mind you, even the show isn't perfect on terminology: in the S2 finale, Twilight says (of Evil!Cadance) that she "sure has a way of sneaking up on people".

      Even if this goes horribly wrong, I don't see why it would make Fiendship #1 any worse, so I'm not bothered about that. But yes, it is only part one of four, so some of the questions may well be answered later on.

      Fluttershy was rather sidelined, but I'm pretty used to that in Price-drawn comics. Sigh.

    2. You're welcome!

      Sad to hear Fluttershy was getting the shaft...I think it only happened in certain comics though; she was used pretty well in Return of Chrysalis, and I'm halfway through Nightmare Rarity now (I'll do comments soon) and she was used fine. Haven't read Reflections yet still, but I think it could have something to do with this arc.

      Interesting, Twilight said "people" there. Wonder what Lyra would think?