Sunday, 13 September 2015

One month until UK PonyCon!

Okay, actually just under a month, but never mind. I have the ticket, I have the hotel booking, I have... well, okay, I don't have the train tickets yet, as I'm buying them on the day, but I do know where I'm going! (Leicester. Big place to the east of Birmingham. Where Thomas Cook ran his first excursion from. All that stuff.)

As usual with these things, I'm galloping around in small circles trying to get things ready while I can still convince myself that it's not actually "last minute" yet. Admittedly not being staff, panellist, performer or cosplayer helps there, but you'd be amazed how tricky it can be working out which pony shirts to take. (Okay, you probably wouldn't.)

Attendance last year was (from memory) in the high 300s, and I think most people expect that figure to be exceeded this time round. It's by a long way the biggest pony event in Britain during 2015 (thanks to BUCK taking the year off) so there'll be quite a few complete con newcomers there – though I hope that, having experienced it, they'll be back next year!

Although nothing's been said, and for all I know it may not even have been decided, I get the feeling that UK PonyCon will be back to its traditional peripatetic ways next year. The venue hotel in Leicester hasn't covered itself with glory in one or two respects (double-bookings, mainly) and besides, it's nice to allow people in different parts of the UK to visit easily. That means it may be harder for me to reach in 2016, which in turn means that I need to make sure I make the most of next month's event!

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