Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Here's the liveblog shortlist

I had, if I'm honest, far more suggestions for this than I was expecting. Several dozen, actually. Thanks! That's pretty much made my mind up to go ahead with the liveblog. After a considerable amount of thought, I've narrowed the choice down to six stories. I'm sorry if a fic you particularly wanted to see me cover isn't on here, but that's not to say I'll never read it in a more conventional way. Who knows, I may even do another liveblog if this one works out.

The shortlist is:

A Bluebird's Song by Ardensfax
The Colour You Bleed by Kegisak
The Immortal Game by AestheticB
It Takes a Village by determamfidd
Project: Sunflower by Hoopy McGee
A Sweet Taste of Cake by The Descendant

You'll note the number of dark-tinged stories here. Come on, people, write some more long fics that aren't so bloody grim, will you? Anyway, I'll make my final decision later this week.


  1. Yeah, I dunno why fans make fanfics so dark sometimes...

    That's the thing I said about the "Simple Life" story. It is dark, and honestly to tell you the truth, you would NOT like Spitfire there (I've read how you don't like her); from what I glimpsed at the story (I didn't like it at all), she was to me, flanderized (I don't think I've seen a lot of it in media ever) into a pompous, selfish, uncaring jerk, and she once was strangling Twilight over some wolf OC, over a WOLF, (that's probably now gonna be a red flag for me, Night the Magic Died has a terrible wolf Mary Sue OC from what I've read about it on TV Tropes and glimpsed, so it would be if an MLP fanfic has a wolf OC, it might suck for me) and it was like everypony had nothing but negative and mean things to say to each other.

    Even the ending looked incomprehensible and poorly written. Want me to explain why, even with spoilers? You're not missing out if you skip it.

    1. I doubt I'm going to read it, so go ahead with the explanation if you like.

    2. OK. Apparently towards the end, King Sombra, who's somehow been revived and taken control of Cadence, kills Fluttershy with Cadence while the others (minus Lightning Dust I know of) battle Chrysalis, and then he asks for redemption afterward. What the heck? Those two things are really big asspulls to me. Plus the way it came off, it's as if everypony forgot about Fluttershy and her death didn't feel important. It also ended in a cliffhanger.

      And also they made Twilight Velvet act really racist to Spike; saying stuff like "he'll start thinking he's a pony!" What the hell? It felt so OOC, and that's what it felt like to me too, everypony being OOC. There was one part also with Mysterious Mare Do Well (which isn't THAT bad IMO) where I thought Dash learned her lesson once, but it felt like we're supposed to forget that.

      Also the use of language like sh*t, f*ck, and w**re annoyed me. If I wanted to write an MLP fic that used curses (I'm thinking of making one based on Saint Seiya) I'd only use "damn, hell, and bastard."