Friday, 28 August 2015

And the winner is...

...The Immortal Game by AestheticB.

Yeah, I know I whinged a little about dark stories in my earlier post, so why am I choosing what seems to be the darkest on my shortlist? Partly because I've wondered about it for ages and never got round to reading it, and so this might actually get me to read the damn thing at last. Partly because it got a four-star review from Chris – that's all I know; I haven't read the review. And partly because it seems to promise plenty of Celestia, and if the show can't provide that then fanfic will have to do it!

I'll get started next week, all being well. Updates will generally be over on my Fimfiction blog rather than here, since more people read that and since Fimf's commenting setup is better.


  1. "because it got a four-star review from Chris"

    That's obviously the best reason to read something.

    1. Better than if it had got a five-star review? :P

      Though now I come to think of it, stories with one-star reviews might be more fun. For some value of "fun".