Thursday, 27 August 2015

BronyScot moves to two days... sort of

Some (to me) surprising news from BronyScot: although originally announced as a one-day convention, it will now be spreading into Sunday, with the "Rock Nessie" concert being held that evening. They're doing this, they say, to allow more space for other events on the Saturday. Tickets for Rock Nessie cost £10 and are available from the BronyScot webstore.

This is an interesting move, but also a slightly risky one. I have faith in BronyScot's ability to pull off the organising side of things, but the change is likely to mess up some people's travel plans, and certainly their budgets. An extra night in a hotel, plus a little more food and local travel, could easily add £80 or so to the total cost. Given that there doesn't seem to be anything happening during Sunday daytime, that's a lot of extra money for people to find, especially for an otherwise inexpensive convention.

And, of course, anyone whose personal circumstances mean that they can only go for Saturday will now miss out on Rock Nessie altogether. I'm now almost thankful that I finally decided that I couldn't go, since I might have ended up in that boat. I wouldn't have been too happy about that, since the concert would have been a major part of the attraction for me.

BronyScot now runs on 21 and 22 November, so the announcement has been made a little under three months to go. It's probably made the change just soon enough for it not to cause really serious problems – another month might have been a very different story – so with luck the majority of attendees will be able to extend their stays should they wish.

Reading back over what I've written, it does seem a little negative. I don't mean it to be: I certainly don't wish any ill on BronyScot, which has impressed me since its founding with its level-headed approach and affordable pricing. I still expect the con to be a success, and I hope that it will be enough of one to continue (should its organisers wish) in future years. If so, I may even get there one day myself!

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