Friday, 27 March 2015


Well, hopefully not total inactivity. But I'm not very well at the moment, so the full-scale reviews and suchlike are on hold until I've recovered. I am still reading, though: I'm a bit over halfway through zaponator's Mother of Invention, which has been intriguing and infuriating me in varying proportions since the start!

However, one bonus for those of you still with me: remember that silly little quiz I included at the end of my RCL interview? Nobody got what it was a homage* to, so: it was based on the "test papers" included at the end of sections in 1066 and All That, which has long been a favourite book of mine.

* Yes, "a". It's pronounced "hommidge" where I come from.


  1. I think something's just caught up with me, too. Doesn't appear to be much more than the usual sore throat and cough shenanigans, but it might spur me on to do some extra-grumpy reviewing :P

    1. Sorry to hear it. (The illness, not the extra-grumpy reviewing.) I hope it doesn't last too long. (Ditto!)