Saturday, 14 March 2015

Fanfic Flashback 2: So Many Different Ways to Prey

I think it's time for another slice of self-indulgence! Today, I'm going look back at the second fanfic I ever published on Fimfiction. This rather strange piece has the distinction of having by far the fewest votes (+7/-0) in relation to its view count (just over 400) of any of my ponyfics. Possibly people just don't know what to make of it...

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"Butterfly!" "!"
So Many Different Ways to Prey by Loganberry
Zecora, OCs and Others
Comedy/Crossover; 2K words; Jul 2012; Everyone
A class of somewhat restless foals are told a story by Zecora (in rhyme, naturally) about the terrible time when the much-feared Newborn Cuties came to town. How they arrived, what they did and how they were, at last, defeated is entangled with the story of a pony named Has-Been.

Even after all this time, I still like what I did with this one: 1,500 words of reasonably decent iambic pentameter, plus a long description that's also in rhyme. Zecora's rhyming isn't exactly show-style, of course, but I don't see why she shouldn't vary her metre occasionally! Even the most obvious fault it has – that of a rather rushed ending – was, in this particular case, a deliberate stylistic choice.

Its main problem is that it doesn't make as much sense as it should unless you've watched both the Newborn Cuties cartoons, which only a few people can bear to do. There are several direct references to them, plus several more indirect ones. As such, this is a niche-appeal story even by the standards of crossover fics. I don't think it's entirely devoid of interest to the general reader, but it's certainly of rather less interest.

So Many Different Ways to Prey probably suffers a bit from its plain old Comedy/Crossover tags; really, it's a Random/Dark/Adventure/Comedy/Crossover fic at least, but I couldn't quite bring myself to abuse Fimfiction's tagging system to that extent! It also has a Joyce Grenfell reference, which I'm sad if unsurprised that nobody has picked up, and one of my worst ever last-line puns. Which is saying something! :D

I really, really need to do a reading of this one at some point.

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  1. I should probably look up what iambic pentameter means someday.

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