Sunday, 7 December 2014

Official Season 5 promo videos trickling out

This isn't new news as such, but I thought I ought to remark upon it. (Also, I wanted to reassure people that this blog wasn't going to become entirely fanfic-centric!) The official MLP YouTube account has been putting out little teaser videos for a few weeks now. Each focuses on one of the Mane Six, gives away pretty much nothing, and is followed by a toy advert using exactly the same voiceover – something I find bizarrely hilarious. I won't post them all, but above (and here) is Best Pony's, to give you an idea of how they work.

Also, Discovery Family will be showing A Very Minty Christmas on 13th December. Generally considered one of the best G3 cartoons (okay, the competition isn't all that fierce) it also contains perhaps the best socks-based Christmas song ever made. Sorry, Daniel Ingram, this particular accolade still eludes you!


  1. I'm about halfway through G3 right now, and I can safely say A Very Minty Christmas is the best episode.

    Granted, that makes it the shiniest turd at the top of the compost heap, but it's worth watching ironically, if nothing else. Minty is best pony, after all.

    1. You're forgetting Newborn Cuties Rainbow Dash's scarf. Specifically the scarf.