Sunday, 14 December 2014

Music: "Tired" by svett89

It's been an awfully long time since we had a pony music post around here – at least, if you don't count Rainbow Rocks. This short, gentle but nicely crafted piano piece was written to complement Ebon Mane's excellent fanfic, Tired (PR 34), but it stands perfectly well on its own. If you don't know the story, imagine that about half a century hence, Pinkie Pie is still working hard to keep her now-scattered friends happy. There's a wistfulness to this tune, but it doesn't feel sorry for itself. I don't come across many piano instrumentals, possibly because they're a bit of a minority interest in the fandom, but this one is worth it.


  1. That is quite honestly a wonderful piece of music. I've really taken a shine to piano instrumentals at the moment, so this turned up at just the right time, and I'd certainly love to hear more like that.

    I have actually now read that story, after seeing it in your last roundup. I couldn't resist taking a look at that one, and it was an instant favourite. I could see that music working well if the story were ever turned into a short animation, and as you say, it does have a sad feel to it, but (like the actual story) there's hope there. The music doesn't wallow in it by any means.

    1. The same guy actually has quite a bit of music on YouTube. Some remixes and some completely new songs. When you have the time, it's definitely worth poking through. Also, I'm really glad you were able to read the fic it's stories like that which prove just how much talent there is in the writing side of the fandom as well as the musical side. :)