Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Little Convention gets into gear

My Little Convention is a forthcoming brony convention in the UK, planned for the August Bank Holiday weekend (29/30 Aug) freed up by the absence of BUCK in 2015. Although its original plan was to be in Norwich, accessibility considerations have prompted a major change, and the con will now be in Lancashire. Specifically, the Floral Hall in Southport, which is relatively easily reached, though not so much so as Manchester city centre was for BUCK! Being a Bank Holiday, there are almost certain to be rail access problems from some parts of the country.

Ticket prices have also been announced: Standard entry will be £50 (reduced to £45 for Early Bird purchasers), Premium tickets will be £90 (£81) and the Premium+ level will cost £120. Standard tickets are interestingly priced: significantly lower than BUCK 2014's £80, but significantly higher than UK PonyCon's £25 or the £35 originally charged for BronyScot before that con decided to move to a single-day format. Personally, I think justifying £50 will need some quite special guests and events; MLC will have to be a lot more than a big meetup. But we'll see!


  1. It's certainly quite a stylish website and it's easy to get at everything on there. :) I hope they're able to make a success of this, because I seem to remember there were some problems initially, with people not being sure it could be done. So here's hoping they can make a go of it and that it does go well! But yeah, I'll be very interested to see just what the workshops will be and if they're able to attract a few guests there.

    1. Well, they've announced a few guests now, but hardly what I'd call big names. Mostly YouTubers as far as I can tell.

    2. Hmmm... That's not the most promising of starts, unfortunately, but hopefully they'll figure something out.