Saturday, 1 November 2014

Rainbow Rocks at the cinema

I went to see Rainbow Rocks at the Worcester Vue cinema this morning, in company with seven or eight others. We were the only people in the auditorium apart from one family (three people) several rows in front. Unsurprising, as the film's already been out for a week and it's half-term so there was more scope than usual for families to visit on weekdays.

And... I really enjoyed it. Yes, like many people I'd already seen the film through other means, but seeing it in the cinema made a big difference. Especially with the sound: a proper cinema surround sound setup really helped with the music. And given the importance of music to the movie, that was a big thing. I'd absolutely recommend people go to a cinema screening if they can.

And yes, there'll be a full review at some point in the next few weeks. I can't promise exactly how soon it will be, but there'll definitely be one before Christmas. Hopefully much sooner than that.


  1. Well that is definitely all very encouraging, and (while trying to avoid any spoilers, so far successfully) I've seen plenty of good comments about it - particularly where the music is concerned. Unfortunately in my case, cinemas are just not an option, but hopefully it won't be *too* long till it gets a proper DVD release. Aside from that I've had no luck at all finding a decent copy anywhere else, so someone is certainly doing a good job of keeping it off the usual places!

    1. Well, it *does* exist online... though of course I can't go linking to iffy sites on here... but there *is* already a US DVD release, so I hope we'll get it here in the UK as well. I really hope you get to see it, as it's worth it!