Saturday, 22 November 2014

Accolades and aspirations

Haven picked up second place (out of ten entries, of which at least eight were serious attempts) in the Weekly Contests flash fiction contest. I'm quite pleased with that, since I did wonder whether my decision to go all-out with the coloured text might count against it. It also maintains my record of never having actually won a ponyfic writing contest of any kind. :P

Meanwhile, We Who with Songs Beguile was accepted into Twilight's Library, the fourth of my stories to achieve that status. I would have been quite disappointed if it hadn't been accepted, actually: it's not a work of staggering genius, but I think it meets all TL's requirements well enough. And it did hold up decently against some very high-powered competition, which is more than I've managed before!

I'm currently working on a short story (I know, amazing, isn't it?) for the Hearth's Warming Heart-Warming Contest organised by The MLP Fan Club!!!! group. Yes, that's how they style themselves. I'm rather attracted by the idea of writing something simple and cute, since I don't often go down that route with ponyfic. I've never entered a contest in this group before, so I don't know what they like, but we'll see!


  1. As I mentioned elsewhere, getting to second place is definitely something to be proud of, and I've no doubt that at some point you'll get the coveted first place for one of these competitions. It's just a matter of time, and vast donations of M&Ms to certain places.

    But I do honestly think it'll happen, and I like to think that you're building up a decent audience and a pretty good reputation on FimFiction. :) And hopefully the new short story will all go well and will turn out great! "Something simple and cute" is bound to be fun to write, especially as you've obviously already got an idea sorted out. :)

    1. Vast donations of M&Ms? Well, that clears up the mystery of just who is the overall judge, then... ;)

    2. You didn't hear it from me... ;)