Monday, 17 November 2014

Austraeoh review coming up on Wednesday

I'm no longer doing the "Awards" posts every ten issues of Ponyfic Roundup. They seemed pretty pointless given that I score fics, and nobody seemed to care for them anyway. Even me. So, instead, PR 31 will be a special devoted to one fic: Imploding Colon's 213K-word story, Austraeoh. Those of you who want to see me rip shreds in a famous and highly-rated fic will get partial satisfaction, but don't expect a total evisceration. More on Wednesday!

(Also, I now have the Rainbow/Spitfire Friends Forever comic. Review of that coming this week, too.)


  1. Nooo! Don't do it! You can have a full life without getting lost in that story!

    Actually, I'm curious about what you think about it. Be interesting to see if I end up recommending the sequel or warn you away from it.

    1. Well, it was either that or Project Horizons. :P

      I don't think my opinions will be all that controversial: I had a nose around some of the things people said in FimFic's comments and most of what I'll say was mentioned by others. Still, that's for tomorrow!

    2. Oh jeeze, yeah, if that was the other choice then this one was the right decision.