Monday, 25 August 2014

Well, there's some nice news to come back to!

I had a wonderful time at this year's BUCK, and there will naturally be more to come on that in the nearish future. But I returned to find something that rather took me by (pleasant) surprise: my entry for the Equestria Daily Outside Insight contest, the songbird fic I called "We Who with Songs Beguile", has made the final! I really didn't expect that: 23 stories did out of the 109 that were entered, and mine was one of them. I'm still processing this.

Also, I got a review from InquisitorM, which I understand is something feared throughout the land. And... it wasn't all that bad, really. A 6/10 and an "it's just so bloody readable" from this guy is quite hard won, as I understand it. (He knocked off some marks because he "generally like[s] more meat on the bones", which is fair enough.) This may never happen again, so I'm going to revel in it. *revels in it* You see? :P


  1. Less revel, more M&M. No-one expects the M Inquisition. :o

    That news about making it to the final with your story (particularly bearing in mind how many stories must have been submitted originally, and how big ED is) is most definitely something to be extremely proud of. If I'm reading it right, the finals are decided at the weekend? In which case I'll be hoping that it does well there, but whatever happens it's still very impressive to have got to that final!

    I hadn't heard of the terror of Mr M but if he's as legendarily difficult to please as it seems, that is also pretty good news all in all. However, he should beware the InquisitorM&M who goes around checking if there are any hidden supplies in ponies houses. He may or may not have a blue mane and a similar voice to me. That is not for me to say.

    1. Well, the guy has already linked to some of his mini-reviews. As you can see from that, if he thinks a story is trash, he'll say so rather than sugar-coating things. Harsh though it can feel to get a review like that, I'd still much rather have that sort of thing than an unexplained downvote.

    2. Sure, after all it's the best way to then find out what can be improved, or maybe avoided. Or inevitabely as is sometimes the case, what it was about a story that they didn't like due to personal opinion, which is something you can't really "fix." So it's always helpful to have at least *something* rather than just "nah, don't like."

    3. With 111 stories in the competition, there isn't much time for dithering, either. Not that I ever hold back, but I would usually be a little more verbose about my reasons.

    4. Sure, that makes sense and I'm genuinally very impressed that you went through all 111 and gave them something, no matter how brief. Even those who might not have got the reviews they hoped for should hopefully think "but you took the time to read it and comment" irrespective of the mark they received. I would hope they'll still see that as better than just a thumbs down.

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