Friday, 15 August 2014

Manchester awaits!

My BUCK 2014 tickets
Having a separate processing fee for each ticket seems a little off, though
You may remember that last month, I was pretty clear in my mind that going to this year's BUCK was out of my reach. Well... things change. An unexpected piece of financial good news has led me to reassess the situation, and it's turned out that I can make it after all. I must admit that I've cut it fine – yes, that date is correct; I only actually bought the tickets earlier today – but it's all done and dusted now.

This doesn't mean that I'm going to throw any criticism of BUCK out of the window. On the face of it, this year's venue and schedule don't look quite as exciting as last year: from a personal point of view, the lack of a Pony Pub Quiz (because the bar area will be used for the inevitable CCG tournament) is a major disappointment. The performers at the Lunar Eclipse don't seem quite as much my thing, either.

However, this time around I won't be a complete novice at going to conventions, and that has a considerable effect. It should mean that I won't waste time wondering what on earth to do, plus I'll also know more people than I did in 2013. The selection of VIP guests is also great: G. M. Berrow, Heather Breckel and Dave Polsky are all brillliant invitees. So I'm pretty optimistic that I'll enjoy this.

Oh, and yes, I have indeed bought a ticket for the Summer Sun Celebration. I was really unsure about that, as this year's line-up seems more hardcore than 2013's, and that isn't my thing. But as it's not a huge amount extra, and as it may never happen again, I thought "What the hay?" and went for it. I won't be able to stay till the end (trains) but I hope I'll at least find it an experience worth having.


  1. I have no doubt that BUCK this year will be an incredibly enjoyable event. It honestly blows my mind that so many people, for no pay, are willing to put an extraordinary amount of time, effort and money into putting on such an incredible event.

    The lack of Pony Pub Quiz is a shame (Though I'm not sure why it isn't included if it was popular last year. There is probably space for it in the schedule, even with the CCG.) but there is hardly a shortage of events taking place next weekend.

    The great thing about BUCK is that it is heavily focused on participation (rather than just guests or, god forbid, endless Q&A sessions) so the more you go for it and try to have a good time, the more you get out, and you can get a hell of a lot of f** out of it.

    - JSM

    1. If only I'd found out about the lack of a quiz a bit earlier, I might have tried to see whether one could be set up unofficially in a quiet corner. I just assumed it would be happening again, given that the quiz area was absolutely packed last year. Too late now, but never mind.

      Endless Q&A sessions were, let's face it, a feature of BUCK 2013. Some panellists were better than others (Meghan McCarthy knew how to do it right, even over a dodgy Skype link) but I think the tweaked, more workshoppy format for the guests this time is an excellent idea.

      Since this is likely to be the last BUCK as we've known it up until now, I'm sure everyone (staff and attendees alike) will do their best to make it a memorable occasion. After all, I wouldn't be returning if I didn't have any faith in it providing a great deal of f... er, enjoyment.